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JOB DETAILS: Client Service Support Manager
This is a full-time role responsible for managing the delivery of services to Clients as well as providing support to Business Development, Client Relationship Management and Operations. The successful candidate shall serve as a link between Business and Clients in ensuring that services are delivered effectively and efficiently.
  • Perform Operational Management duties:

    • Develop, maintain and implement Tactical and Operational plans to achieve the Company’s Strategic Goals and Objectives.

    • Monitor and review the performance of the Tactical and Operational plans to ensure continued achievement of the Company’s Strategic Goals and Objectives.

    • Review and authorise Client instructions, payments and transfers.

    • Make decisions on complex/exceptional Client Service instructions / queries.

    • Manage and resolve Client complaints when necessary.

    • Compile reports and analyse findings as well as other relevant data.

    • Liaise with internal support functions (Finance, Risk & Compliance, Special Projects, Marketing, etc)


  • Perform Operational Optimisation duties:

    • Ensure effective and efficient use of all resources in order to meet both Client Service standards and Financial objectives.

    • Continuously review policies, processes, procedures, productivity and performance against agreed standards.

    • Continuously review and implement innovative solutions to optimise capabilities and deliver excellent Client Service.


  • Perform Management and Leadership duties:

    • Manage and lead employees according to the Company’s Vision, Mission and Values.

    • Instilling a culture of Client centricity.

    • Manage employee performance to ensure quality Client Service is delivered and the Company’s Strategic Goals and Objectives are achieved.

    • Provide coaching and mentoring.

    • Implement and manage change effectively and efficiently.

    • Manage poor performance effectively and efficiently according to Company policies.

    • Manage absenteeism effectively and efficiently according to Company policies.

    • Ensure employee wellness and engagement is managed and maintained at the required standards.

    • Encourage initiatives to enhance Service capabilities.

    • Ensure that training needs are accurately identified, planned for and provided.

    • Empower employees to be self-managed and self-motivated.

    • Empower employees to make decisions and use mistakes as opportunities for growth and development.


  • Perform Risk and Compliance duties:

    • Ensure that risks are managed and monitored effectively according the Company’s Risk Management Framework.

    • Implement, manage and monitor compliance requirements.


  • Support Business Development and Client Relationship Management:
    Together with the Client Relationship Managers, develop and maintain positive relationships with Clients by:

    • Handling and managing the onboarding process of new Clients effectively and efficiently;

    • Handling and managing Client queries and complaints effectively and efficiently;

    • Communicating all relevant information that is necessary for Clients to be empowered and adequately informed.


  • Contribute to Strategic decision-making together with Senior Executives, Management and other relevant Stakeholders.


  • Active participation and contribution at Senior management level.


  • Will be required to participate and/or report back at Management committees and related forums.

  • Perform project and adhoc tasks as and when required.

  • Perform back up duties as and when required.

  • Higher School Certificate compulsory.
  • Relevant B-degree qualification compulsory.
  • At least 5 years relevant Management experience (manage a team of 10-15 employees) and Client Service experience.
  • Strong Stakeholder/Relationship Management experience.
  • Advanced knowledge of Performance Management, Mentoring and Coaching.
  • Thorough understanding of Accounting principles.
  • Knowledge of Insurance and Investment business necessary.
  • Knowledge of ERM preferable.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in English.
  • Must be able to communicate professionally and concisely.
  • Computer literacy – highly advanced skills.
  • Numeric competence – highly advanced.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organising and planning skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent decision-making skills.
  • Excellent Management and Leadership skills.
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to influence.
A Client centric approach must be at the heart of all the duties and responsibilities listed above. However, this approach must be carefully balanced with the needs of the Company, managing Risk and Compliance requirements effectively.
TO APPLY: please send your resume to or click on the below link. 
Latest Submission Date: 31 January 2020
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