An accomplished financial planner is essential to help guide your important personal financial decisions.


A good financial advisor is a professional who considers all your financial needs and goals, and has the knowledge, experience and support to give you the right advice.

Your financial advisor can become your financial partner for life and will coach and guide you to do great things.


Are you looking forward to an active, rewarding and fulfilling retirement, safe in the knowledge that you are financially secure?
Do you want your children to receive a first class education?
Are you saving for a rainy day?
Do you want to help your loved ones take care of their financial needs when you are no longer around?
The right product can meet these financial needs. We provide products designed to meet your investment needs and to support your life goals. The right product will include suitable funds and assets that can give you the opportunity to benefit from the growth potential of markets around the world.
We offer our financial advisors and their clients:
  • Single contribution products for growing or protecting your wealth.
  • Regular contribution products for long-term savings needs like retirement, education and wealth creation.
  • Life insurance, disability and critical illness cover. The type and level of cover you need depends on your personal needs and circumstances.  We offer maximum choice and flexibility, and higher cover amounts at attractive rates.
Insurance Client Solutions - International Assurance Limited PCC, Mauritius
Let our dedicated staff revert back to you and your financial advisor, in a timely manner, with any additional info you may require on the Client Solutions available.