Policyholders previously covered under Atlas Life, a protected cell constituted under International Assurance Limited PCC (Mauritius) ("International Assurance"), should be aware that as from 17 May 2016 their policies were discontinued with International Assurance and immediately continued under Atlas Life Limited PCC (Seychelles) ("Atlas Seychelles") resulting in uninterrupted cover.
It should be noted that Atlas Seychelles is an independent company with no links to International Assurance, its shareholders, directors, employees, agents or otherwise. The discontinuing and continuing of the policies was initiated by Atlas Seychelles with the assurance that policyholders would not be prejudiced as a result of the changes and that the benefits (policy terms and conditions) offered by the new policies under Atlas Seychelles would be the same as were previously extended by International Assurance.

Should any policyholder now under the cover of Atlas Seychelles believe that their benefits, as provided by Atlas Seychelles, are not the same as previously extended under International Assurance, then the policyholder is required to contact International Assurance to ensure a speedy resolution of the issues.